Jeffrey T. Kastner

Orange Chocolate Cheesecake

Filling:5-8 ounce packages Cream Cheese (room temperature)1 cup Sugar2 tbs Flour6 Eggs2 1/2 tsp Vanilla1/2 cup Heavy Cream1/2 cup Orange Juice (fresh squeezed)1 tbsp Orange Zest (fresh grated) 1 tbsp Grand Marnier ​Crust:1 cup Flour1/4 cup Sugar1/4 cup Salted Butter (softened) Topping:Chocolate Grand Marnier Ganache ​Orange Glaze (for topping ingredients and recipe, see below) The Crust:In a bowl, combine the flourOrange Chocolate Cheesecake


I built myself a workbench out of free oak pallets, that a local company would otherwise have to pay to get rid of. Of course they also had 4 foot x 4 foot x 1/2 inch sheets of plywood so all I had to do was buy the screws. Repurposing this oak was a greatOak WORKBENCH

Bed Base Build

Start to finish bed base build, complete! ..well except for testing it out. I’ve been wearing a lot of hats in the past year, from driving semi to building WordPress Plugins to buying a duplex and, well, building a bed base. Had to take a few pics, in the room, so you could see itBed Base Build

Earn Microsoft Rewards

Did you know you can earn Free E-Gift Cards with  Microsoft Rewards!?? Well, you can!  There is no catch, really… There are a few ways you can earn rewards points and doing so only takes a few minutes out of each day to get the most rewards possible. To date, I have earned ​86,363 points!! ​$60Earn Microsoft Rewards

Crayola ColorCycle

Did you know: ​Crayola and schools across North America are banding together to help kids understand the importance of their role in protecting the environment. Through this initiative, students in K-12 schools across the continental United States and parts of Canada can collect and re-purpose used Crayola markers. #element-5083c3bc-05d6-4757-bb4c-f328b03c681e .element-divider-line { width: auto; } #element-5083c3bc-05d6-4757-bb4c-f328b03c681eCrayola ColorCycle

Free Ringtones of Kat Boelskov Music

With Kat’s permission, I am giving away my collection of ​Kat Boelskov Ringtones. #element-00359d48-8ae4-4873-8687-2260954b4d1b .element-divider-line { width: auto; } #element-00359d48-8ae4-4873-8687-2260954b4d1b .element-divider-line { float: ‘none’; } #element-00359d48-8ae4-4873-8687-2260954b4d1b .element-divider-line { position: relative; height: 6px; -moz-border-radius: 20px; -webkit-border-radius: 20px; border-radius: 20px; padding: 0px; margin: 0 auto; -moz-background-clip: padding; -webkit-background-clip: padding; background-clip: padding-box; -ms-filter: progid: DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(Opacity = 100); filter: alpha(opacity =Free Ringtones of Kat Boelskov Music

Cheap Domain Names

Where in the world can you find cheap domain names? Is it really important? Did you really buy a domain for $0.99 OR is that a bate-and-switch tactic? ​A TRUE value for a domain isn’t necessarily based on price alone, and let me tell you why… What to look for There are a few things thatCheap Domain Names